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Of Sunless Realms

by Inferi

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Condemned Yet before I cast the befouled Contents of my mind across the wall I wish to unburden my soul That fateful eve we found ourselves in the shadow of an ivory cathedral Compelled to behold the ghastly grave of a ghoul And extract an artifact In an effort to quell life’s ceaseless ennui We have descended into depravity The abhorrent art of grave robbery Crack the lid, apex of our endeavor Round the neck of this corpse lay our treasure And when I seized the jade amulet it began Echoing through the graveborn mists as if calling from the abyss Distant baying - Colossal entity hellbent on slaying And the foreboding gaze of an unnaturally well preserved corpse A haunting presence of chilling malevolence shattered our solitude night after night Baleful shades, creeping moonlight, and that accursed growl I had an inkling that we were jointly going mad Until the beast reared its loathsome head [Solo: M. Pugh] Bloodcurdling screams shook me from sleep Shreds of my mangled partner littered the streets The assailant flashed demonic eyes and bayed as it took to the sky No doubt the same fate would befall me Lest I somehow break the curse Once again in the shadow of that Ivory cathedral Crack the lid, Unveiling the vile thing caked with fresh blood And shreds of flesh I cast inside the cursed jade amulet [Solo: M. Low] Startled awake by the whirring wings and Torturous baying of that horrific thing A swift demise is the only mercy this world has left to offer Before I find myself betwixt those cursed teeth With this revolver, I embrace my fate and choose to obliviate
Spewed from the bowels of the cosmic deep Insidious sediments towards us doth creep Ever closer To sow the seeds of shores unknown And proliferate till the host is consumed Terramorphic Impact First contact yields a shockwave And a smoldering crater Though unseen this illborn thing seeps from the chamber Presence is palpable Ensnaring the sensory Contagious, Necrotic, Symbiotic Prismatic deity reshaping reality (Chorus) Otherworldly Distortion Hypnotic in nature It lives to deceive Mutate the cells that host its disease Eldritch Evolution Each being a pawn for recreation Twisting life into abomination Pestiferous sentient pandemic Recreates the world in its cruel aesthetic A cradle of cellular malefaction [Solo: M. Low] [Solo: M.Pugh] (Chorus) A virulent outer one swathed the landscape Unstoppable Behold the ineffable A grotesque horizon beyond belief [Solo: M.Pugh] Aberrations of writhing flesh The haunting remnants of man transgress Choruses frantic and forlorn Gaea reborn a virulent spawn Aberrations Haunting remains Frantic and forlorn Gaea is reborn
A tome sequestered from prying eyes A manifesto of dark wizards fury Stygian passages call to command a legion of the undead (Chorus) Book of the dead Spoken with dread Were the pages of flesh being read Dwellers of darkness Thy words unleash The Spellbound Unearthed Terror Sanctified and blood inscribed Were the pages of flesh Seething with death Guardians of the gate abide as their words unleashed demise A manuscript of demons they said As the scholars and intellects of man Read and transcribed the pages of the hallowed Tome of the damned The power of gods unknown Seeped from both parchment and spine Restless, graves have awoken Unbeknownst to them, a blight upon man (Chorus) The soiled was burdened with birth And purged that which it once was fed Disinterred enraptured Cadavers laden the land The once entombed self-exhume Spellbound these puppets rip and consume They know nothing of familial ties, if it breathes it dies And then the heartbeats turned into screams as the undead consumed them right in front of me Whilst hiding in darkness hoping to survive the pandemonium For every soul alive on this day a dozen deceased crawled from the grave Harrowingly they hasten the fate inevitable By means supernatural Every soul that dies this day is another to rise and join their ranks [Solo: M. Low] Within the wake of despair And ancient text in hand I have obtained the ways of darkness With cryptic tongue I demand Bow before me The embodiment of evil I am The essence of all evil I have become Eat of the flesh Consume and ingest Soul and sanity Stripped of humanity Astray from my name I proclaim a bastion of fiendish plague [Solo: M. Pugh] Eat of the flesh Consume and ingest Soul and sanity Stripped of humanity Astray from my name I proclaim a bastion of fiendish plague
Aeons Torn [Solo: Mike Low] Cloak and dagger be our deeds as we drift upon starlit seas Prophetic reality Glorious Wraith becoming of flesh Incantation Iä! Iä! From the depths of R'lyeh Beckoning beyond the wall of sleep The great dreamer dwelling beneath the waves Creeping into the fleshy minds of mortal men Molding dreams into nightmare fantasy As prophesized The Dead shall rise And the sunken shall awaken once more Loathsome shaped acropolis Corpse city penetrates the seas Emerging from the darkest depths unseen Converging with the fathomless necropolis Breaching the slimy threshold of cyclopean vaults We venture into the abyss [Solo: Malcolm Pugh] Ornate doorway begins to slide open wide Stirring in the darkness Sanguine eyes pierce my soul Writhing tentacles emerge unveiling a gelatinous mountain of a form Eldest Horror Now Arise Usher Darkness Until the end of time Harbinger of madness at long last now reborn Behold the Aeons Torn [Solo: Mike Low] Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn Disentombed from the shackles of wretched stars Oh eldritch priest Baptize the world in lunacy True horror takes from the sea spreading its membranous wings Cavernous jaws unleash the foulest reek as if all to have ever lived and perished Crawled from their graves to congregate Merely an utterance of its omnipotence The procession of sanity climaxes Madness takes the minds of men Hideous the impetus and contorted infected flesh Mindless caricatures born, tainted is their form Slithering spawnsires crawl from their crypts Swarms of tendrils, eyes, and horns Boundless is their scorn Cesspools of flesh And things that should not be Cascade the world Returning us back to nothingness


released October 9, 2020

Stevie Boiser | vocals
Malcolm Pugh | guitar / backing vocals
Mike Low | guitar
Andrew Kim | bass
Spencer Moore | drums

All Songs Written and Performed by Inferi
Orchestration / Synths Written and Arranged by Malcolm Pugh
Additional Vocal Engineering by Zak Denham
Drums Recorded and Engineered by Zak Denham and Mike Low at Top Track Studios
Mixed by Mike Low
Mastered by Zak Denham
Artwork by Helge C. Balzer


all rights reserved



Inferi Nashville, Tennessee

Inferi is an American melodic death metal band forged from the bowels of Nashville, Tennessee. The band formed in 2006 and strived to merge the classic melodic metal sound with a taste of crushing technicality.


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