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by Inferi

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tpalm66 This is the first album by Inferi that I have listened to, and I must say that I'm impressed. Some beautiful yet heavy tracks here. Favorite track: Thy Menacing Gaze.
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drak69 Truly the best Tech Death record of all time. Nothing more to say. Don't miss out on this album! Favorite track: A Beckoning Thrall.
Igor Mokin
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Igor Mokin Melodious and ferocious death metal. I love the feeling of a musical journey and development. This is what I love about this take on ultra-aggressive music, that it keeps cohesion and structure. It doesn't crush, but easily overpowers the listener nevertheless. Favorite track: Condemned Assailant.
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Within the Dead Horizon arise my servants, my slaves  exclaimed by the lord of atrocities  bodies the soul left unclaimed, rotting away  empty and ripe for the taking  to exercise thou blackened will  thine corpses unearth  rise forth from the summoning  an army of undead cretins pour from the earth  beyond the dead horizon  feeding the river of woe  a cantus of coins to pay the toll  upon the ferrymen’s vessel  within the dead horizon  the abduction of wandering souls  left to atone as revenants  in their bodies enslaved forever  pestilent armies will coalesce  feasting on the blood of mortal flesh  minions of the underworld unveil  the embrace of armageddon  pestilent armies will coalesce  feasting on the blood of mortal flesh  minions of the underworld create  boundless devastation  awakened from the clutches of infinity  his mission, not yet complete  the slayer of cerberus himself must come forth  to purify the aftermath  of the hellhound’s defeat  [m. pugh solo]  beyond the dead horizon  feeding the river of woe  the excrement of the netherworld  overflow in a vast formation  within the dead horizon  the abduction of wandering souls  left to atone as revenants  in their bodies enslaved forever  deprived of judgment wandering souls  succumb to calls of the  incantation of the resurrection [m. low solo]  deprived of judgment  their wandering souls  succumb to calls  of the flesh
Condemned Assailant drawn into the labyrinth of those damned by lust of the flesh naked, tattered and tormented bodies ripped apart by the howling shriek of a whirlwind ensnaring a deviant kind threshing about forevermore minos, then whispered to him, “you are now prisoner here! condemned to the boiling of blood for the souls you’ve bestowed upon us in the wickedest ways from war-ridden days on the earth sentenced in the past to a lifetime eternally. this assailant now ours for eternity” banished to the underworld but the judge could not foresee he was an enemy and he’s come to slay his king from beyond the gates i have come for victory i am the enemy and i’ve come to slay your king [solo m. pugh] the judge kneeled to submit to present an offering hold back to watch him plea as he grovels on his knees “in exchange for all your mercy i will grant you amnesty” but the lies between his teeth hold a stench of fantasy [solo m. low] [solo m. pugh] [solo m. low] [solo j. schwallier] engulfed by a maelstrom of lustful dead he snatched out the tongue from the judge’s head putting his limp serpent body to use he strangled minos with his tail like a noose eyes grown darker appearing shallow and thin life is seeping forth from the dead vessel within i’ve freed them all from this cretan i’ve freed them all condemned assailant will release the weight off of the crown nothing will sway him on his path to cocytus he is bound with blood drying fast on his fingertips his vigorous yearning to massacre wickedness nothing can stand in his way on this journey to slay the beast not even the hand of god not even the hand of god
A Beckoning Thrall a voice from the past cries out to him, “drink the blood and taste the flesh” with no one to fight and nothing in sight he reluctantly heeds the call [solo m. pugh] “the guardian of this realm vanquished and slain by my blade which i wish to regain ‘twas not my will to take his life nor my lust for blood” it beckons from the lake of phlegathon once obtained by the hands this demigod the blade’s hunger, whispers in his ear “together we’ll eradicate all of your fears your enemies will drench in the shadow of your reign supreme you’ll be as they bow to their king” it calls him from the lake of phlegathon once obtained by the hands this demigod reunite they must it’s their destiny to rule both hell and the heavens a voice from the past cries out to him “to drink the blood and taste the flesh” with no one to fight and nothing in sight he knows his mind is lost a beckoning thrall leads him deeper through the chasm pressing forth willingly to gain true power to gain true power beneath his feet in a slush of putrefaction lie the gluttonous souls of dead sinners reaching out for him to save them but their souls are lost their cries are useless to them frothing like dogs [solo m. low] a void of darkness swells inside of his chest as his hunger grows for the power he once possessed the last flicker of his soul resides still pure and deep within immersed in bloodlust and buried by the blade’s deception twisted in its lie deeper through the hollows he must return his fate now aligned
Through the Depths [solo m. pugh] he travels deeper into the cursed nether his eyes endowed with disbelief a sea of lost souls gather here in the quartus ring of endless avarice victors of misfortune suffering all but rapturous he travels deeper into this cursed realm as he proceeds through the atrocity smitten by the blight of the damned only to gain the powers that be a hand must be dealt to seal a prominent fate a sea of lost souls gather here in the quartus ring of endless avarice [solo j. malone] dignitaries clash with no anger or rage dispirited grunts echo blank faces struggle under the weight without notice without care to our warrior’s entrance this cavern of endless exhaustion movement catches the eye shrouded tendrils begin to oscillate toward the end of the cirrus sits a man with a crown intrigued by his guest in his palace in the world of dead champions as the deity announces his presence plutus thirsts for dominance and remains unbound by the partitions of this realm the measure of power by the weight of ones earthly claims [solo m. pugh] an offer was stated bringing balance to the tides the beast of greed is taken aback whilst evil is dancing it must still be slain only to gain the powers that be a hand is dealt to seal a prominent fate [solo m. pugh] fulfilling the decrees of the prophecies that dwell in the clutches of time with hoarding and plunder lest ye benign curse by design a divine comedy to indulge in this never-ending agony verbal agreements pass through their teeth drenching thine ethics with corrosive filth greed cannot fill this bottomless pit his efforts are endless as all life will wilt breathless endeavors gasping for air these lies become snakes that coil your throat the ending is further than others have dared the waves that have come to engulf in despair to the depths i will guide you for a debt you will pay through the depths i will guide you to the one you must slay
Enraged and Drowning Sullen cycles of livid death in the shallows of the stygian marsh toiling with dying breath true horrors of the trapped souls below that of a seething cauldron drowning beneath, bereft and sullen never to breach the surface forever to suffer  tides of murk churn somatic beings of wrath flail striking one another, violently surging forth as one true human form be it vile the aversive hostiles look on to me resentment an ebb from thine eyes blessed be the womb that bore thee in weeping and grieving may you long remain blessed be the womb that bore thee accursed spirits may your plights be in vain shackled to the depths and the violence you crave [solo m. pugh] [solo m. low] city of dis, demise we enter secure in our cause barriers jut from the murk the mire with red embers smolder forming lit towers that scrape the sky endless are fields with tombs ablaze everlasting in eternal flame heretics of heaven, blasphemers of god confined all give out a low moaning wail crestfallen to the bed of thy flame those who hath fallen from heaven await the guardians of dis deny entrance through the city forewarns of death, to never leave from this fallen estate a thousand serpent furies defend at the gates infernal demons refined from flesh to mist with sword and fist an effortless subsequent storm of the city of dis [solo j. schwallier] [solo m. pugh] the guardians stood in his way every one of them stood to be slain while crushing their bones into dust those that remain will cower in vain all of the guardians stood in his way every one of them stood to be slain the only true god a warrior trusts stains on his blade the color of rust the harbingers of death chant for dying breath the enraged and drowning sullen soak in the remains of the guardians who’ve fallen
Thy Menacing Gaze as if this all was for not the journey, the knowledge, the objective sought seeking the power transforming by force I’ve given myself to this savage onslaught words cast aside as the violence emerges weapons drawn from sheaths as vitality surges a crown of serpents forces conflict accompanied by minions striking forth mortally quick as black as night, my will to fight all before me shall perish a trio of beasts whose grisly heads I shall claim the wicked must learn its place amongst the lame decapitate to castrate, thy weapons removed mortal flesh of mine, beasts wish to consume ice like stares penetrates the air beckoning gestures of rage surrounded am I, long lost my fear enemies drawn close as death strides near keeping thyne resolve sharp as thy blade not worn by my path I’ve not journeyed in vain as the relics of disaster ward off the assault sculpted are the fallen, statues of stone allow me this asylum as I strike through the bone the venom of hate that flows violently coursing through the veins deadly grasp of claws unrelenting in pain strengthened by courage, minions be slain venomous vipers you shall know my name thy menacing gaze shall be shattered by my blade thy menacing gaze of lifeless remains [solo m. low] as if this all was for not the journey, the knowledge, the objective sought seeking the power transforming by force I’ve given myself to this savage onslaught tearing eyes from shallow sockets spewing guts of crimson, flowing like faucets sword shines shimmering red each gash I take removing thy head pulse of stone beheaded and cast down from thy throne sterilized, discarded your tomb now my throne pathways unguarded I am the victor as you grow cold [solo m. pugh] pulse of stone beheaded and cast down from thy throne sterilized discarded your tomb now my throne pathways unguarded I am the victor as you’ve grown cold
Malevolent Sanction terra tribus annulos, primus, the river, a nile of coagulated encrusted shores blisters boil from flesh to blood beyond sight stretched the streams of gore hideous spawn, nessus the damned, deemed to guide head of an ox and body of man punishment for the most heinous of crimes reveal the path upon which we shall bride through the forest of mors voluntaria to live like gods with a tyrannous reign to walk the earth enraged whilst delivering pain murder finds justice in the fire of the brook smolder in the blood of every life that you took murderous executions, decimators of life perpetually captive to blood spilling innocents with spite sodomized in the Phlegathon’s malevolent sanction forever the lungs of the butcher internally filled with flame for great is the pain searing of flesh with the smoldering breath and the scorching of futile remains apotheosize their extinction, glorifying their eternal death secundum circulum, blackened and withering husks protruding toxic thistles seeping of obsidian sap as hisses turn to wails, destruction and suicide entails soak in their sinful death pass the final judgement they will remain no carnal resurrection here their festering corpses on limbs of thorn will hang damnation beyond eternity they fear roots sprout misfortune, nourish affliction, stretch thy skin disfiguration at the crust thickets grow within growing ever stronger, self-hatred shall bloom vines of self-loathing and bitterness resume [solo m. pugh] in the heart a heretic regret gives birth to cries cynics of the holiest temples scorched on the sand supine viscous flow the fires smelting sluggish in the sky like branches choked by honey as it’s seeping from the hive consuming the flesh all but skeletons are left regeneration of their bodies will fill the belly of carnivorous embers sodomites sink in this barren earth flakes of ash in a gust like a blizzard suffocate the lungs of the usurer storms of fire rage in oblivion [solo m. pugh] decem regna malum, ten realms of the Malebolge we face beware less thee be devoured vivid is the scythe brought by death to this place to live like gods with a tyrannous reign to walk the earth enraged whilst delivering pain the bell tolls immensely in the fire by the brook through the gates he must wander again
Smolder in the Ash softened bodies lashed to the bone bludgeoned blue and black and the nine-tails, as they walk endlessly snatch the flesh off their back sycophant fawners bathe, tirelessly astray stewing forever in excrement and soils of man Simonist, corrupt false men of the cloth cast down face first into the rock below lower extremities bursting ablaze venomous and fraudulent malcontents strode across this wasteland against their god they commit their crimes through the thickets of sorrow past the sands of time punishment must be dealt for their sorcery, treachery and lies for the riches and limitless wealth built on the backs of swine servants of the land in boiling tar to be scorched at his command heavy are the cloaks of gold each thread sewn of lead affliction for duplicitous words misled no redemption for hypocrites forever march bound to their shrine the pharisee’s crucifix striving to be human once more taste of the flesh and assimilate their form [solo m. pugh] deceivers of the world will serenade their pillars of ash wail tongues of the flame one with the fire, molten cage smolder in the ash of eternity shrilling screams befriend their agony suffer for deceit never to receive empathy [solo j. schwallier] [solo m. low] gaping wounds softened tissue receive lacerations by a demon’s sword sowers of discord laid waste by a demon’s scorn falsifiers draped in disease reside, plagued by the sins of their deeds decaying with leprosy and boils on their flesh to decompose and fester at their behest
Behold The Bearer of Light [solo m. low] at last glistening light rains upon me from a crevice in the cavern shines through the debris on this day this odyssey concludes setting me free [solo m. pugh] the vast chasm holds the remains of a frozen lake a usurper’s dominion bound waist down by frosted chains the fallen angel’s bane through the eyes of the demon, I see myself my bloodthirsty sword pointed forward thunder it seems ripples atop the ice as Lucifer speaks “come forth, my child you hold the key to release me from this misery strike me down and steal my crown taste my power’s true majesty” son of the dawn the morning star beelzebub, the wicked one abaddon [solo m. low] indulged by a madness, betrothed to his death with only himself to blame as he approaches, their powers coalesce awaken an ancient flame “a congregation your presence bestowed the blade thou hath unsheathed is part of me as are you, my son, my seed, I profess” with the sword forged from the heart in his chest violently restored by the flesh born from his soul the revenant rebirth on contact, he saw himself lose his own life through the eyes of the dark lord’s sight he could see the convergence absorbed betwixt the union of the fight now one and the same, bringers of the light [solo m.pugh] rejuvenation by freedom from my chains a declaration I shall proclaim storm all life on the earth at will, reform the heavens light bearer, the heavens mourn light bearer, I am reborn light bearer, I am reborn light bearer, the heavens mourn


released April 21, 2018

Sam Schneider | Vocals
Malcolm Pugh | Guitar
Mike Low | Guitar
Joel Schwallier | Bass
Jack Blackburn | Drums

All music written and performed by Inferi
All lyrics written by Malcolm Pugh and Sam Schneider
Orchestral arrangements written by Malcolm Pugh
Tracked and engineered by Inferi
Mixed by Mike Low
Mastered by Zak Denham

Guest solo on “Through the Depths” by James Malone (Arsis)
Guest vocal performance on “Behold the Bearer of Light” by Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder)

Artwork by Helge c. Balzer


all rights reserved



Inferi Nashville, Tennessee

Inferi is an American melodic death metal band forged from the bowels of Nashville, Tennessee. The band formed in 2006 and strived to merge the classic melodic metal sound with a taste of crushing technicality.


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